My Everything

“You’re my everything and my only one .”

Whenever he told me that sentence . I wonder . So , it means that I’m not his last or his first .My mind starting to feel uneasy .

“You have everything that make me feel complete.”

So , it means that he love my physically looks more than who am I . Why ? He always tell that I’m pretty . He prefer to use pretty than kind .


I always think negative about him but i do love him . Day by day , it’s getting worse even he always repeat the ‘I Love you ‘ , ‘I miss you ‘ or even he called me as honey .

and something had happened .

I lost a man that actually give his whole life for me even he deserve to have a lady that much prettier or perfect than me . You got this , my heart . But , yeah , it’s to late . I am very regret with my final answer . I love you . Forever . Eternity . Infinity . My man .

May God bless you . Always .